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First track day? Looking to race? Experienced driver looking for that winning edge? Our ARDS instructors are here for you.

Working with one of our approved ARDS instructors shortcuts the usually long and expensive learning process that faces you either on the first track day, starting racing, or moving up from the outskirts of the podium to winning races.

Whatever your level of experience, our instructors have worked with a wide range of clients - pushing you on to acheive your personal goals, or just feeling safe on track in your pride and joy.

Coaching is available in-car with a professional intercom system, so our instructors can talk you around the circuit corner by corner. Other options include data and video only sessions, where finding the last few tenths of a second is the goal. 

GFR use the latest GPS and video data logging systems to allow us accurate and repeatable measures of performance lap by lap. Our data loggers and HD video system allow us to record the content of the day for further analysis within the driver portal on our website after the event.

We provide a driver development programme tailored to you, from total novice to more experienced drivers looking to gain an edge. 

Contact us for more information on driver coaching and development services. Let us get you to the front!

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